Chocolate Lovers

Are you having a bad day? or simply want to cheer up your friends or family members? Well, here’s an awesome app, that would allow you to send and receive
delicious chocolaty treats to/from your loved ones.
What is Chocolate Lover app?
Chocolate Lover is an iMessage app that enables you to send a chocolaty treat to your loved ones. It’s a delicious cure to make someone’s day awesome or simply bring a smile on their face.
• A variety of chocolatey treats from donuts to ice-creams, pastries to cakes and more
• Instantly send any chocolatey treat through iMessage and make someone smile
• Navigate easily as all the stickers are arranged nicely
• We regularly update the app and keep adding chocolaty delights to our database
How to use the Chocolate Lover app?
1. Tap the “>” button to the left of the text box
2. Tap the button that looks like an “A” and then taps the button that looks like four circles in the lower left of your screen to open the iMessage app drawer
3. Tap the app icon to access the Chocolaty treats
4. Simply Drag and Drop the sticker you want into your message
5. Enjoy!!
Chocolate Lover iMessage app is for anyone and everyone who loves everything about chocolates. Send these delightful chocolate stickers to your friends and make them smile or drool!
Download the app now and enjoy it forever!Click here

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